Chef live in Hong Kong

Guest : MC仁 , DJ Prepare , 北斗Beidou & more

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As a native Hongkongese, Chef is a Hip-Hop culture enthusiast, he is familiar and enthusiastic for MC, DJ, breakdance and graffiti. He met MC Yan and some bosom friends by chance when he was young, and began to develop his rapper's life. In virtue of it, Chef knew Edison then gave his first shot in Edison's album "Hazy", even published his first mixtape "Chef mixtape" produced by DJ Tommy and participating in Edison's "69FM". In August 2011, Chef published his first EP "Live in present" and in 2012 together with Edison and MC Yan, they published “3 Corners”. The three of them were being nominated as the Best Hip Hop Artists of the year in the Chinese Music Award in China from this album. In addition to a solo artiste, Chef is also a member of Hip-Hop group “Beidou”

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