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Chris Garneau is an American singer-songwriter, his music combine the elements of American Folk, Pop, Baroque and Carnival music, Since his first Album ‘’Music For Tourists’’, Chris Garneau had already toured with his music through America, Europe and several places in Asia. Some of you may know Chris Garneau had been to Hidden Agenda before, and he decided to visit Hong Kong again and share his music with you guys!

Chris Garneau’s first album ‘’Music for Tourist’’ music arrangement was mainly focus on piano, together with his voice, that succinct music had given the most straightforward throb to audiences; the ensemble from cello and piano, had bring out Chris Garneau’s elegant voice. From his second album, Chris Garneau decided to combine more musical instruments in arrangement, thus his music has become more abundant; the slightly rough sound of piano had bring out an alternative atmosphere to the song, by listen to Chris Garneau’s music may bring you back to the sweetness moments, may bring you the hope to the future.

11 November, Chris Garneau will be in Hong Kong again; so let Chris Garneau’s warmness music make our night, and we will see you in Hidden Agenda!

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