Laibach: The New Cultural Revolution


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The most dangerous group in the world plays in Hong Kong! CIA is mighty proud to present you Laibach: The New Cultural Revolution, a series of events with the legendary Slovenian art / music group commencing with the Laibach Kunst exhibition at CIA from 17th January 2014, followed by a seminar by Laibach in association with the City University of Hong Kong on the 21st March 2014, and culminating with a Laibach musical performance at The Vine Centre on the 22nd March 2014. "Laibach practises a sound force, in a form of systematic, psycho-physical terror as socio-organisational principle, in order to effectively discipline and raise a feeling of total adherence bond of a certain, revolted and alienated audience, which results in a state of collective athasia/aphasia/astasia, which is the principle of social organisation." Experience it to believe it. For full details please visit

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Culture Industries Association/Alphabet Agency HK