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Thelifejourney has recently finished the production of their new EP, which is already released last December. Two of the five songs in it have never been played live before. Compared with their past works, the theme of this EP stands out in its heartening lyrics and melody.

The band has been making progress ever since signing with the record label Modern Sky in 2005. Their thoughts for life are enriched with their own experience. This is why the same-titled single in this EP "Therefore I will never sing" is a dialogue between the band and the world, opening up the possibility of harmonizing dream and reality. Thelifejourney's unceasing love for tender melody is not compromised by their unadorned lyrics.

The song "I eat deep-fried chicken in the People's Square" in the EP has its lyrics written by Asi(阿肆), an indie Folk musician from the same record label. The song is inspired by one of the band's strange encounters in their hometown Liujcouh(柳州).

The band is planning to tour nationwide upon the release of their new EP. While the dates are yet to be fixed, they will for sure experiment something interesting in their future performances.

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