ANWIYCTI <A New World If You Can Take It> Debut Album Release Concert

Special Guests: murmur + David Boring

Thu 12th June
08:30 PM
Thu 12th June
11:30 PM
Hidden Agenda (Winful Industrial Building) - Dont use
2A, Winful Industrial Building
15-17 Tai Yip Street
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Event Closed

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“A New World If You Can Take It”
Released on 12 June 2014

The only Alternative Rock band in Hong Kong refused to play guitar but prefer playing 3 bass guitars.

Their first show in Clockenflap 2013 has been highly praised by a number of senior music critic. Theme Song <1516> for Joyce, the luxury fashion retailer, on the JOYCE X AMBUSH Collaboration Project.

 ANWIYCTI pronounced as (An-Wic-Ti) with full name of ""A New World If You Can Take It"".Their debut album “A New World If You Can Take It” has been produced and recorded for 2 years, while mastering and mixing by Martijn Groeneveld in Mailmen Studio in the Netherlands.

Except CD, a limited edition 12-inch vinyl has also been released. The vinyl was repressed by Eldorado, a high quality vinyl manufacturer in German.  The limited editon 12-inch vinyl has been released among Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan simultaneously . The album include eight singles, with styles of Post Punk, Shoegaze, Post Rock and Space Rock, which mixed with some electronic elements, just as their name ""A New World If You Can Take It"".

ANWIYCTI formed in 2012 and officially signed with a local record label IMAGINE IMAGINE IMAGINE Records in late 2013. The first single, “Daydreaming the Daydream” released as preparation for their debut album launch in February 2014. The first show is opening for Clockenflap 2013.

""There is something unusual.""

That would be the first impression on ANWIYCTI’s sound. The question of the cause of unusual arise: Is there something in performance of vocal? Or that twisted punk-rock style beat? What about the guitar string? Here you go, there is no guitars.

ANWIYCTI is a band that abandoned the guitar in exchange of three basses all as lead positions (Joey Pui, Edward Chiu, Eqqus Lee). The full name of ANWIYCTI is “A New World If You Can Take It”, which seems to be a respond to another brilliant outer space classic, “I Hear A New World” composed by Joe Meek & The Blue Man back in the 60's. A sense of experimental legacy continually appears from ANWIYCTI by the tension of arrangement but not ballad. Additionally, the band indulges in the 90's American indie-rock era. The savage of Sonic Youth, Medicine-alike noise use, even the raw expression like Pavement can be find in their tunes. However, Joey the vocalist is delivering a sense of British gloomy as the shadow.

The sound of three Basses strings are tracing each other in a field where the reverb becomes a fact of control. It takes audience to the dimensions beyond. Nevertheless, the beat of drummer (Pie Wong) comes to be a guard along with the psychedelic journey.

As the audience may believe, the members of ANWIYCTI are either the followers of Loop or Spaceman 3 when hear their an art of space-rock. Which make us wonder, where ANWIYCTI are taking us to, in the next destination of other galaxy?

The first music video “X” which directed by their friends, Endy Chow (jaugwokyi), is filled with psychedelic atmosphere. It is way different from the usual music style from Endy, which produce a tremendous chemistry between ANWIYCTI and him. The second music video “Many But One” is directed by Eqqus Lee with the atmosphere of lost and loneliness. Remember to pay attention on the CG special effects!

Debut album “A NEW WORLD IF YOU CAN TAKE IT” will release on 12 June 2014. CD + 12”Vinyl (Colored LP, Made in Germany)




about murmur
""Asian My Bloody Valentine"" NME Magazine (UK)

we sing. we play with noise. we gaze at our shoes. we murmur.

murmur is recording the debut album. will release on Oct 2014. stay tuned


about David Boring
A brand new indie / noise rock band from hong kong; formed in 2013. inspired by '80s post-punk movement, shoegaze/dream pop, psychedelia, noise and experimental rock groups, david boring is seeking their very own voice in the city of sameness.
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