Underground 107

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Hong Kong's longest-running original music showcase, The Underground, will again be bringing 4 of the best local bands to the stage at Backstage in the epicentre of Hong Kong's Central district. In this, their 107th show in their title series, and their first in the Year of the Snake, The Underground continue to provide an avenue for local bands to find their audience, and for local music-lovers to discover the immense talent that is on offer in one of Asia's cultural superpowers. As usual, Underground 107 will aim to provide an eclectic mix of styles and approaches to performance so that audiences of all tastes can find something new and exciting.

This incarnation will be featuring first-timers Ninetynine Floor, as well as veteran bands: Purple Eye, Who Shot Holga and The Sinister Left. The Sinister Left will also be achieving a milestone at this show, as they claim the coveted title of "Most Underground Appearances" as this will be their 10th outing (since Underground 32 in September 2006!).


Purple Eye (Indie Acoustic)
Ninetynine Floor (Alt Brit Pop)
The Sinister Left (Post-Apocalypse Prog)
Who Shot Holga (Punk Rock)