George Lukas Reggae Movement

First Sunday Session on the Beach

Event Closed

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George Lukas is a new reggae party concept for some of the best Sundays imaginable in Hong Kong, brought to you by OoOH: Out of the Ordinary Happenings.

We are launching this new movement on the beach, catering not only to hardcore reggae fans, but for everyone with a sense of life as we truly believe this is the music that everyone likes and should love.

The project aims to create great afternoons with cool people and ultimately grow the "easy" scene in general with some of the best reggae DJs and personalities.

Why is it George Lukas then? Because we are taking reggae out of its usual context and shaking it up a little bit, so that you can all enjoy the vibe in a free and refreshing environment with some of the greatest people in Hong Kong. And we also don't mind Star Wars at all.

Join us, if you want something different. The Groove Thief will also be releasing his latest dub/reggae mixtape at this event, with a free CD for all in attendance. And of course: may the force be with you!