Underground Rogue Show

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The Underground unveils the newest of its partnership showcases, this time with American brewer Rogue Ales. The long and loving relationship between beer and live music continues as Rogue Ales, and their Hong Kong distributor Hop Leaf, team up with The Underground to present the first in a series of nights of tasty beer and tasty music.

The night will open with the acoustic stylings of Ned Noble, followed by indie rockers Teenage Girls. League of Gentlemen will be bringing some good ol' Rock'n'Roll and Don't Panic will close out the night with even more ROCK!

Some of the very best in local music and some of the very best in imported beer under one roof?

Come down to Backstage and rock the night away with The Underground! Wooooohoooooo

Bands (樂隊):
Ned Noble (acoustic)
Teenage Girls (indie rock)
League of Gentlemen (rock'n'roll)
Don't Panic (rock)