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Formed by 2 males and a female, standing at the top of the China indie band scene with Carsick cars, Queen Sea Big Shark and Snapline, one of the most significant new wave band. Hedgehog is a self-irony and self-comforting sound of the youth after reforming and reorganizing their living environment.

As one of the youngest band under the biggest Chinese records Modern Sky, carrying on the independent, simple and raw music spirit from C86. With no fancy arrangement, their performance style feel like idle but passionate, straight-forwarding lyrics, decadent melody and uniqueness male and female chorus, they mixed the music elements of Twee Pop, Punk and Noise Rock perfectly.

Heroes from the past show up in front of us with different aspects, pulsation of Jesus and Mary Chain across different century, importing restless rebel of Hedgehog’s voice, bring the youth from this century to against city depression with white noise.

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