This Will Destroy You

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This Will Destroy You began in earnest during the mid-00’s in San Marcos, TX. A simple 6-song documentation of where they were at musically was sent Magic Bullet Records as a “thank you” for releases he personally enjoyed over the years soon became Young Mountain, the band’s first retail release.

From that moment on, the trajectory of the band became meteoric in arc and path. Acclaim from critics and fans alike came pouring in overnight, the songs quickly found marriage to various licensing projects across film, tv, web, and video projects the world over, and the album quickly shot up both indie retail and iTunes charts.

Upon release of their second full-length, the band continued tour internationally, pausing only to issue a few EP’s (including a split with Lymbyc Systym). While previous albums managed to strike a universal chord of human hope and near-optimism toward the future, the third full length Tunnel Blanket is the darker and more intricate sides of human emotion, grief, and tragedy.

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