Sydney Valette & VJ 3D mapping Chromaphase

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From the jazz of his childhood through the post-punk played in today’s clubs, Sydney Valette specializes in sound arrangement and derangement, shaking up classical structures and radically altering the electronic scene. His poetic, child-like and destructive approach returns pop music to the informality of its early days.

His album ‘Plutôt mourir que crever’ (‘Better to Die than to Snuff It’) is influenced by movements such as cold wave, no wave, techno, witch-house, trance, punk, hip-hop, Orthodox liturgical music and Latin dancing music. Valette interprets his daily feeling of ill-being in a toneless voice over a background of electro-synth. The particular point of distinction in his work is his lyrical content, which often tells stories from a child’s perspective, vocalised over well-grounded music.

Valette had a small-town upbringing. When he was 18 he moved to Paris where, pushed by internal questioning, he studied philosophy. When he discovered the glittery universe of clubs, he devoted his nights to their rhythms and his days to playing minor key classical piano. He began to produce electronic music on his own. His first album, ‘Plutôt mourir que crever’, established his artistic image in the contemporary music landscape and was declared Album of the Year by renowned French magazine Technikart.

Chromophase VJ is a digital artist from Paris. After a while giving live performances in France with the electro-Jazz band “Wipping Willow”, he is now based in Shanghai mixing his own art and videos resulting in an amazing experimental show.