Suffocation - Despite The World Asia Tour - Live In Hong Kong 2015

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The Metal legend is back!
Suffocation will be showcasing their latest album “Pinnacle of Bedlam”, it's be reviewed and praised as a true death metal masterpiece across the board by reviewers everywhere.

'This is a nearly perfect metal album' Metal Injection.

The Suffocation band members have been significant contributors to the metal scene. As one of the world's most durable metal band, most metalhead's recognise Frank Mullen as one of the greatest front-men in the history of the genre.

Mullen practically invented death metal vocals as we know them. His stage presence is never to be forgotten, from his patented synchronized blast beat hand gestures to his passionate, sincere, and often hilarious banter. There are basically two kinds of people in the world: those who worship Frank Mullen, and those who don’t.

Support acts : Truth Corroded from South Australia and Dismembered From Hong Kong.

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