Residence A

+ KillerSoap

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EP release party for Residence A, with KillerSoap supporting.

Some say he is a room for the teens, maybe fancy, maybe dull. Some say Residence A is a huge orchestra, yes, they really are. They treat rigorously on their instruments’ tone, uniqueness, innovativeness, these making their music turn into an orchestra for sure.

They said, “No house no Residence A.” They mean it!

Anything would be the worst. Including attitude, feeling, time, location, as like in their own, in the residence, in the room, or in the jail, once you read it, kill him, kill her, or touch her. With any sound from night or day, from vehicles, from any season or any plants, anything we fight for, send an invitation to them: Come on! Come together, we will tell you what’s going on around us, how funny they are.

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