Shakespeare in the Port

The Tempest * A Midsummer Night’s Dream * Lear * Sorry, Shakespeare! * Play On! * 24 Hr Play Festiva

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Shakespeare in the Port is a simple vision of bringing affordable, accessible Shakespeare to the public of Hong Kong. Often people think of Shakespeare as boring or too expensive to attend. We wish to break down these barriers and create an artistic experience that people of all ages can enjoy.

Tickets from HKD 150
Children FREE

We have 3 main stage performances this year:

The Tempest - This production has Cantonese dialogue only


A Midsummer Night's Dream

And a special limited run of our hit tour show: Sorry, Shakespeare!

*Shakespeare in the Port is a rep festival. You can see 1 show with a weekday pass and see 3 shows in one day with a weekend pass.


The Tempest - This production has Cantonese dialogue only
Weekday Shows
April 24th, April 30th- 7:30pm
Weekend Shows
25th-5pm, 26th-5pm, 2nd-7:30pm

Weekday Shows
22nd- 7:30pm, 1st- 7:30pm,
Weekend Shows
25th-7:30pm, 2nd - 7.30pm, 3rd- 3pm

Sorry, Shakespeare!
Weekday Shows
April 23rd- 7:30pm
Weekend Shows
April 26th- 3pm

24 Hour Play Festival April 25th-26th
7pm to 7pm
(Performances are at 7pm on the 26th)

Play On!
May 3rd - 3pm-9pm
Special Events
Include the first ever 24 Hour Play festival in Hong Kong, Play On Community Arts Fest, Spoken word performances, live music and much more!

For school and group bookings, please contact