The David Bowie Knives release 'Weapons of Mass Seduction'

tDBKs finally release the record it took 7 years for them to make!!

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It's about time! The definitive soundtrack for nights too epic to remember, 13 tracks of panty-melting fury for the sophisticated palette.

This album represents a retrospective of 7 years of tDBKs music. The sweaty bars and clubs of Hong Kong's music dens helped cultivate a sound that is both dirtier and sexier than Angelina Jolie in a wet t-shirt competition! tDBKs live shows have gone into legend and have left an indelible impression on all that have been exposed to them. The next time people watch, they bring wetwipes.

Sponsored by Okamoto Condoms, ably supported by the awesome Bloodcult and the seductive Vixens Burlesque Troupe and joined on stage by various incredible musicians from various incredible Hong Kong bands such as DP, Poubelle International and Hungry Ghosts, this is going to be the gig of the decade!! You will NOT want to miss this!