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SUBS are as unique as their name. Most of the rockers in China said they are one of the best bands locally, with a growing reputation across the world. SUBS don’t need any fake commercial promotion. No contracts, only a steadfast DIY spirit, their pure soul and a Rock ‘n’ Roll live performance as their signature.

Direct, passionate, impatient and weird. Under the skin they are truly Punk, mixed with Emo, Garage, New Wave, Post Rock etc. It’s hard to use one single genre to describe them, and also hard to forecast how weird are the sound will be. SUBS is a band which create their own style .

Albums: “SUBS LIFE” (2004), “DOWN” (2006), “WE HAVEN’T ENTERED THE 21st” (2008), “QUEEN OF FUCKING EVERYTHING” (2010).

After their world tour they recorded a few more live albums, EPs and demos. At the end of 2012 there was a SUBS tribute compilation released in Europe, with foreign bands covering SUBS’ songs. This compilation appeared in China in 2013 summer, and coincides with the band and this China & World tour!

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