Intastella Burst presents: Wye Oak

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Bringing live transmissions from the future of sound, this time, straight from Baltimore, Maryland, INTASTELLA BURST presents the intoxicating 21st-century folk-rock-shoegaze of WYE OAK live in Hong Kong!


Described as ""earnest folk-influenced indie rock with touches of shoegaze noise and dream pop"", the indie duo is composed of Jenn Wasner, on lead vocals and electric guitar, and Andy Stack, on drums and keyboards, using his unique skill of playing the drums with his feet and right hand, and the bass line with his left hand.

Signed with independent label Merge Records, Wye Oak released their critically-acclaimed third album, 'Civilian' in 2011. Pitchfork hails it as ""their best LP yet"", while Under The Radar finds it ""emotionally intoxicating"". NPR Music calls it ""a combustible mix of bluster and beauty"", that puts ""Wye Oak at the top of their game"", according to Nylon Magazine.

'Civilian' is a kind of 21st-century folk music, imbued with dense shoegaze guitars, melodic rhythms, and impeccable splashes of electronic color. Without leaning on conventional structure, the songs beguile with fascinating chords and melodies, Jenn's voice and riveting lyrics, mesmerizing rhythms, and an intoxicating aural landscape.