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Hammerhed started out from a handful of riffs that the original guitar player Hirvanen had put together as long ago, as late nineties. Years went by, and it was not until 2007 that the first solid line-up was a reality. The style and the rage worked so well, that the band started gigging and recording music. Strong connections to the alternative music subculture and the years spent both playing and listening to that stuff payed off, and after time spent on composing and later on at the studio, a full lenght album came out. After the debut, "Killtrippin'" there was a change of line-up, as P. Hirvanen was replaced by Harri Hytönen. The present line-up has proven it's worth both live and at the studio, and the band was -and is- ever-excited about the future. With a new axeman Hammerhed is heading towards the second round along with a lot of gigs and a lot of attitude. No circus tricks are to be expected, nor performed, since the band agreed from the beginning to keep the material honest and straight, a mixture influenced by all the bands we love so much.

What is Hammerhed then?
We are a group of metalheads doing what we can with what we have. Metal, thrash, punk and all the forms of underground expression have allways been part of our lives one way or the other. Our main influences are both obvious and glorious; Pantera, NYC-hard core, metal groups such as Anthrax, Sepultura, Prong and Fear Factory, thrash killers like S.O.D. and Carnivore, and cross-overs such as Suicidal Tendencies. To us it was never more than one scene of hard-ass music, no compromise, no bullshit. In that way we are old-school; alien to the genres and classification that has somewhat crippled the nowaday's metal movement. We put together what is important to us, and no doubt important to you too, the brutality, the strength and everything we know how to do well. This is, and allways will be, our street metal aggression.

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