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Wang Wen started in Dalian, a northern harbor city of China, around 1999. The band has a steady line up since 2002 and have been touching hearts with their music ever since. Wang Wen released 7 full long albums, played the most important music festivals in Asia, toured around China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe and shared stages with Mogwai, Mono,…

Wang Wen is one of the few rock bands in China that consistently suprises with every new album release. They are one of the bands that shaped the Chinese indie scene for the last decade and they are the most prominent instrumental rock band in China.

Wang Wen released their first album “28 Sleepless Days Diary” and started touring China immediately. They quickly became one of most influential Chinese indie bands. The lead single of their first album, “The Dying Year End” is still one of the most favorite songs of tons of Chinese people..

In 2005, Wang Wen released their second album “RE RE RE”, in which Wang Wen combined postrock with traditional Chinese elements, creating a wide spectrum of harmonic expressions, making their music truly modern and different. Their 3rd album “7 Objects in another infinite space” was release at China and Taiwan in 2007.

In 2008, the release of the 4th alubm “IV” marked the indie music scene in China. The music touched many people’s hearts and shook down tears of pain and relief. Soon Wang Wen was invited as the only rock band of China by “London Calling” and “Spot” in Aarhus, Demark. The band spent a month touring Europe and sold out shows all over China

In 2010, Efrim from “Godspeed You! Black Emperor” helped mixing Wang Wen’s 6th album “L & R”’s. In 2012, Wang Wen released their 7th Album “0.7” and was the first independent rock band in China releasing vinyl. The first press of the vinyl got sold out immediately.

Nowadays, Wang Wen’s instrumental music is loved by many music directors, and is used in many films and advertisements. “Break the Car” from their 3rd album was used in an NIKE advertisement. Music from their 2nd album has been used for the film “floating city mystery” directed by Lou Ye, the lead director of the “sixth generation”.

The beauty and attraction of Wang Wen’s music lay in their calm gesture towards life’s pain and misery, their art of reinventing the past and making captivating and beautiful tunes.

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