Anti-Social Media Underground

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Musicians – do you crave the full attention of your audience when your lungs burst with song, your fingers bleed with notes and your arms nearly drop off from drumming? Audience – might you relish the idea of actually being present to immerse yourself in a band's music, songs and melodies? Social media addicts - need to wean yourself off of having to tweet, foursquare, facebook or instagram at every event you attend? We may have just the trick. Using an Anti-Social Media Underground, take one capful of bands that must be watched live to know what they’re all about, and tablet of bands whose music is best experienced when you’re immersing yourself in it. This restorative contains one dose of of rock 'n' roll fun in the form of Innisfallen, supplemented by the punk energy from Dr Eggs, and topped off with a final dose of grandeur from Forget The G (from Macau). So, come along to the Anti-Social Media Underground and experience some great live music the classic way – it may just be the tonic for the brain that you want!