Underground Heavy #9

Follow My Voice, ScreamHard, Weeper, Utopian

Event Closed

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Come one come all, ‘cause it’s going to be a free-for-all…of some terrific local heavy music. That’s right, The Underground’s Heavy showcase is back on August 24! And just to show how much we’ve missed you, we’ve got four cracking bands raring to go. We begin with some good ol’ metalcore by Follow My Voice, followed by ScreamHard with a mélange of punk and metal. Weeper, with their hardcore-on-speed style, follow, and the Nu/alternative metal of Utopian closes out the show. It’s a terrific line-up and the show can only be made better if YOU come down to join in the fun… So mark your calendars and get into heavy metal mode… imminent headbanging ahead!