Fairchild Live in Hong Kong

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The Underground has a very special Christmas surprise for all of you this year (well, almost-Christmas). ‘cause we’ve got a very special show lined up on the 27th of December. How special, you ask? Well, it’s at the very pretty Saffron on the Peak, and some special guests all the way from Australia’s Gold Coast will be musicking it up there. With their lilting, floaty and ambient indie-alternative sound, Fairchild will be making a Hong Kong stop on their way to the Midi Festival in Shenzhen, and making it a unique pre-New Year’s night. We’ve also got local Brit-rockers Operator to back them up.

Things appear to be lining up to make a great show, and you’re the only ones that could make it better. So, if you feel like having some post-Christmas Friday fun, come over to the Peak and join us. We’ll be waiting with tinsel on ;)