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Welcome to Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary! For this event, co-hosted by Tai Kwun Contemporary and Rooftop Institute, “artist-parents” So Wing Po and Law Man Lok (artists who are also parents) will lead brand new family workshops and art tours. The exhibition serves as a springboard for kids and adults to interact, communicate, connect and observe, inspiring each other along the way. This artist-led programme invites any child aged five or older and accompanied by a parent/guardian to participate. We encourage parents and kids alike to join us for Family Day, an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate contemporary art together!

 Double Vision: Parallax Workshop

Close your left eye. Open it. Close your right eye. Open it.

By opening and closing your eyes like this, you experience parallax—the difference in what you see with your left and right eyes. We construct reality based on multiple parallaxes that build up over time. In other words, our understanding of the world is similar to the parable of the blind men and the elephant.

This workshop makes use of slight variations in the two Double Vision exhibition designs that are part of a parallactic guided tour. Come play a game of “truth” as we test the memory of participants.

One becomes two, two become one, and one is not one. 

Collaborating artist: Law Man Lok

29.05.2022 (Sun) 2pm-3:30pm
29.05.2022 (Sun) 4pm-5:30pm
05.06.2022 (Sun) 2pm-3:30pm
05.06.2022 (Sun) 4pm-5:30pm
12.06.2022 (Sun) 2pm-3:30pm
12.06.2022 (Sun) 4pm-5:30pm 


emo gym: Sensory Workshop

Twirl a rope, and your whole body twists and turns along with it.

Hold up a piece of cloth and let it flutter in the air.

This game of physically interacting with objects often feels like opening a surprise package.

The workshop lets the audience experience the exhibition with their bodies, getting everyone moving and energising the senses.

Collaborating artist: So Wing Po

04.06.2022 (Sat) 2pm-3:30pm
04.06.2022 (Sat) 4pm-5:30pm
11.06.2022 (Sat) 2pm-3:30pm
11.06.2022 (Sat) 4pm-5:30pm
18.06.2022 (Sat) 2pm-3:30pm
18.06.2022 (Sat) 4pm-5:30pm


*Participants in the above workshops will first visit the exhibitions on their own, using guidelines designed by the artists. They will then take part in the workshop. 

Language: Cantonese

Ticketing information: $50 per Family Pair (one adult with one child) for each timeslot