Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary 1st SEP

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Join Tai Kwun Contemporary for a fun Family Day, where we’ll be hosting a range of gallery activities and children workshops. All our activities are designed to welcome 1 parent/guardian participating together with 1 child (5+ years).



Register now! Come spend the day with us and learn about art!


Family Tour “Gallery Fun”

Family Workshops “Neko-mask” and “1000 Eyes Jelly Fish”

11am–12:00pm | Neko-mask
12:15pm–1:15pm | 1000 Eyes Jelly Fish
2:00pm–3:00pm | Neko-mask
3:15pm–4:15pm | 1000 Eyes Jelly Fish
4:30pm–5:30pm | Neko-mask



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Family Workshop: $50 per timeslot |Family Pair (one adult with one child)


*Family Tour: $100 per timeslot | Family Pair (one adult with one child)
[*Ticket includes admission to "Murakami vs Murakami" exhibition]


Notes on Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary 

1. Each participating group consists of one family pair (one adult with one child). Children must be 5 years old or above.
2. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
3. Tickets sold are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.