Fat White Family live in Hong Kong

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For fans of The Fall, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Butthole Surfers, Young Fathers, Shame, IDLES, Sleaford Mods, The Birthday Party, The Velvet Underground, Suicide, David Bowie…
“Always a drug band with a rock problem.” - Ben Meyers on Fat White Family
Seven years into a career defined by collapsing masculinity, Celtic mysticism, pound shop shamanism, provocation, eroticism, wanton violence, joy, radical empathy, narcissism, hog-like indulgence, personality defects and a fondness for both extreme left and right wing aesthetics and some of the best musical performances this fractured isle has ever witnessed and the South London spawned band return, clean(ish) and serene(ish).
The band’s third album released in 2019, Serfs Up!, could be called a career-defining moment: celestial sax tones on the laconic and louche jazz
-funk, subtle death-tripping vibes, doom-disco, Velvets/Bowie sleaze-making and star-gazing, 80s digital dancehall….you name it you got it.
Except it’s not. It’s so much more. It’s struggle. It’s survival.
Stormed UK with two exceptional album, Fat White Family’s hidden strengths were only truly glimpsed at in their legendary live show – part exorcists pagan ritual, part violent bacchanalian assault of the senses. No two nights the same.
After making their comeback at Glastonbury 2019 (last two appearances at 2014 and 2015), the Fat White Family will make their Hong Kong debut show on March 10, at the fittingly legendary venue as raw as This Town Needs.
Prepare yourself for a chaotic blissed-out evening.
FAT WHITE FAMILY debut live in Hong Kong
Date‭: ‬5‭ ‬MAR 2020‭ (‬Thu‭)‬
Venue‭: ‬This Town Needs
‬Advance‭: ‬$360‭ / ‬‬Door‭: ‬$460