WAVing Music Project 呈現: FAZI / 法兹乐队 香港專場 - 「與你分享我的眼睛」

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For Fans of: 新裤子, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, The Cure, The Smiths, Talking Heads, Siouxsie And The Banshees
Genres: post-punk, Krautrock, Rock
Bandcamp: https://wearefazi.bandcamp.com/album/mountain-of-time-2
FAZI / 法兹乐队的音樂里蘊藏著Krautrock的極簡律動與Post-Punk的粗厲儀式感. 台上的他們像是不知疲倦的永動機製造著抓人心肺的聲音, 孤獨而隱忍,簡單又有力地直指內心. 組隊至今共發行4張錄音室專輯和2張EP,在歐洲和美國成功巡演之後,他們將延續前衛搖滾的脈絡,並尋找屬於自己的東方特質.

FAZI / 兹乐队's music draws on the minimal rhythms of Krautrock and the abrasive rituals of Post-Punk. On stage, they're like a perpetual motion machine, churning out music that hits their audience in the heart and in the lungs, communicating a vibe that's lonely yet forbearing, simply and powerfully reaching straight to the heart.

To date, FAZI / 兹乐队 has released four studio albums and two EPs. Following successful tours in Europe and the US, they will continue down their particular artery of avant-garde rock, tirelessly seeking their own version of "the East."



WAVing Music Project 呈現: FAZI / 兹乐队香港專場 - 「與你分享我的眼睛」

Date: December 1st, 2019 Sunday
Time: 20:00 - 22:30
Venue: MoM Livehouse

Online: HKD 220 Walk-in: HKD 280

Walk-in tickets will be not available if advanced tickets are sold out before 30/11/2019.



FAZI has carved out space for themselves in the vibrant and too often overlooked post-punk/indie scene in China -SXSW

Chinese post-punk that's forceful and driving: true anthems for today's doomed youth -Concrete & Grass Festival

In a hushed space designed for bookshelves and youngsters cramming for exams, one of China's best Post-Punk bands made some serious noise. -TheBeijinger

A jittery, heartfelt blend of post punk swag, They lit the stage up from the get go and did not let up till one bit. -LiveBeijingMusic



關於WAVing Music Project


2018年年底在上海成功舉辦了四隊香港本地樂隊的拼盤演出「香港樂隊之夜」之後,增進了內地獨立樂隊對香港樂隊的認識,6月橘子海Orange Ocean「潮濕的香港」香港專場演出,則 將內地優秀的獨立樂隊帶到香港。這樣的交流不應該停止,WAVing Music Project此次公佈的棱鏡樂隊Prism「總有一天你會出現在我身邊」香港專場,期待讓香港樂隊再次見證內地優秀 獨立樂隊與音樂的魅力。

未來,WAVing Music Project還將呈現更多的演出,將香港樂隊帶到內地,將內地樂隊推向香港,掀起兩地音樂交流的新浪潮,敬請期待。

More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/683013942161828/

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