Bianca's Hot N Spicy Comedy presents: The FILTHY WHOLESOME Comedy Night

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Bianca Lau Comedy is bringing you THE FILTHY WHOLESOME Comedy Night (Say Whaaaat?!) Yes you heard it right, we are bringin' you a night filled with dirt, filth and bad behaviors without being shameless. Let’s admit it, we are all sinful (sometimes), right? ;P
Featuring: Kate Hu (the lovable dirty Chinese girl and comedy bright star), Bryan Bentley (His name is Bryan. Bryan-Shameless Bentley from the U S of A), Steve Lee (Sexy 1st runner-up of 2021 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition), Bianca Lau (Her name is Bianca. Biwanka-Shameless-Wankakaka), Kari Gunnarsson (2nd
runner-up of 2021 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition and the baddest Icelandic export), Mystery filthy dude (it’s a dirty surprise y’all)  
CAUTION: Bring your own tissues and booze
For Inquiry:
6220 4436