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FinTech Futures HK 2017 is for anyone who works with money. In banking, insurance, payments or wealth management, there is no stopping the evolution of technologies aimed at disrupting the financial world's grip on money-making, to alter its status quo.

This global insurgency is known collectively as FinTech. It focuses venture capital-fueled, Silicon Valley-style, cutting edge innovation to compete with some of the world’s most powerful companies and institutions. 

These FinTech companies are non-traditional financial institutions. They are utilising technology to disrupt the financial sector, using innovation and technological efficiency to provide better financial services and risk management.  


The exhibitors and companies sponsoring FinTech Futures Hong Kong 2017 will be showcasing the following solutions.

- The advanced automation of IT technologies and breakthroughs.

- Blockchain data collection, mining, storage and execution driven by technology. 

- RegTech innovation and its disruption of traditional financial regulations. 

- Addressing current issues and improving financial efficiency.

- Gaining valuation and recognition in the capital markets.

- Future prospects and development potential.  


FinTech Futures HK 2017 Expo, will range across the brave new world of money. It will dive deep into the key areas of disruption and shine spotlights on the most exciting new companies.


There was significant growth of the financial technology industry in 2016. This growth is associated with the latest financial industry trends and multifarious FinTech investments continuing in 2017.

With all this growth, it is essential for anyone in the financial industry to remain educated in order to stay ahead of the game.

Quantum Tech Events - FinTech Futures 2017 Expo, exists to gather together decision makers and other influential people and bring them up to speed on the latest FinTech trends.



This is a micro expo, not a three day jungle where you will get lost. Over one full business day, this is your executive chance to get educated and shine into Fintech Futures.



Fintech Futures will bring together 500 C-Level, senior decision making delegates, 55 exhibitors and sponsors. Speaking slots are available but limited. We will arrange private 1-1 meetings, in two rooms either end of Ballrooms 1,2 & 3 for those sponsors, who wish to target specific attendees.