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Comedy.HK returns to Cafe Queen with a stellar lineup of the best and brightest acts in town! Featuring Tim To, Bhav Bhuptani, Shiv J, Nicole Tanner, and Tamby Chan!

Tim Chan is the main performer in stand up comedy group “Hall of Laughs." Tim started his comedy career in 2011, he won 2011 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition and he did an opening act in Hall of laughs headliner Vivek Mahbubani’s one man show. In 2015, Tim did his first one man show and did an opening act in HK famous Radio DJ Cheuk Wan Chi’s one woman show.

Tim is not only active in Hong Kong, he also performed in Mainland, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore & Australia. In 2017, Tim was invited by TEDxYOUTH to be a TEDx speaker.