Floatfit HIIT / Yoga on water

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Floatfit- the first HIIT workout and Yoga ON WATER using the AquaBase created by AquaPhysical.



Aquabase is the world’s first floating exercise mat!

  • Platform Stability: the device is completely stable and provides an excellent base for users to perform various exercises on.
  • Durable: Aquabase is made using high quality, military grade PVC fabric which can last for a long time.
  • Safety: The aquabase is also placed within safe distances from each other


The FloatFit (Hight Intesity Interval Training) HIIT workout includes burpees, lunges, squats, aquaclimbers, v-sits…. all on water!

  • Burn More Calories: Increases heart rate and burns more calories than regular workouts
  • Core Strength: Exercising while maintaining your stability on board increases the use of the core muscles
  • Improved Physique: Strengthen muscles throughout your body, improves flexibility and stability


The Floatfit Yoga is a Vinyasa yoga session on water!

  • Merging breath and movement to strengthen the body and mind
  • Increase flexibility, mental focus, cardiovascular conditioning, calorie-burn and muscle development
  • Improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety 


Aquabase is perfect platform for rehabilitation

  • Improve overall balance using the natural movement of water
  • Aid joint recovery
  • Strengthen muscle weakness