Fluorescent Hearts

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One of the undoubted breakthrough UK bands of the past twelve months, Fluorescent Hearts have been lighting up the streets and some of the biggest venues in the UK, with a radiance that has seen them amass new legions of devotees every time the first chord is struck. Maintaining their childhood love of pop punk and grunge rock roots, FH sway towards One Republic’s intricately textured, yet song savvy composition and Savage Garden’s timeless vocal melodies and sugary sweet instrumentation, singing about love and life, drumming up familiar emotions anyone can relate and sing along to. ‘Anthem’ was recorded with renowned producer Stuart MacLeod (Amy Macdonald, The Dykeenies, Miniature Dinosaurs) and mastered by Darius Van Helfteren (Radiohead, Michael Jackson, hit TV series ‘Glee’)

On May 18th, they make their Hong Kong debut. A chance not to be missed for fans of UK music.