The Flying Winemaker

Combining wine, education, lifestyle and fun, The Flying Winemaker aims to use wine as that social glue to bring people together. We have a quirky and eclectic selection: only the best and the most interesting make the cut. From our intimate tasting room, we host the most innovative wine classes the city has ever seen. How innovative? Check out the information on our exclusive WineSkool by Eddie McDougall. Our team also specializes in hosting unique wine expereinces. Send us a request for your next event and we can host a wine dinner, tasting or activity at your venue our ours. Our founder and Discovery Channel TV star, Eddie McDougall, selects a monthly feature TOP12 wine selection for our exclusive Wine Explorer members to enjoy. (Also check out these wines at our online wine shop!) Experience something different today with The Flying Winemaker!

604-605, Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street,
Central District, Hong Kong

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