FOB Official Closing Party

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FOB Official Closing Party

22 December 2017 | 10:00 PM Doors Open
FLY Hong Kong, G/F 24-30 Ice House Street, 85 Central District, Hong Kong

Tickets: Early Bird HKD 150; Advance HKD 200; Door HKD 250

All good things come to an end.

So with a heavy heart we are announcing the end of the Fresh Off The Boat Asia era. Please join us for one last hurrah at Fly - the place it all started. We will be hosting our last ever FOB event.

Thank you to the countless people that have helped us along this journey and made this possible - we are forever indebted to you. You are the life and soul of this project.

A special thanks to all the musicians and DJ’s that have played for us over the years. Everyone brought something special to the table. Seeing you in our hometown was worth more than you could ever know. Thank you for taking the time to visit our crazy little city.

FOB started 5 years ago as a side project – that quickly turned into everyday life. We produced over 250 shows in the 5 years and have hosted shows all over Asia. But Hong Kong has always been our one true love. We tried to add something different to Hong Kong’s general debauchery. We hope you have had a good time in the process. We certainly have.

We know we have genre hopped like a hung-over Sunday on Netflix. We aren’t sorry. From Hip Hop to Electronic to Jazz. Our mission was to give the kids and the adults, who refuse to grow up, a chance to catch their favourite musicians in the town they call home. To the people who took a chance on our gigs, on acts they have never heard or seen - you are the reason we do what we do. By broadening horizons we hoped to create a community; which in turn we hoped to create a scene. Currently, Hong Kong has more music, festivals and clubs than ever before! We pray this turns out to be a blessing. We hope the mainstream doesn’t squeeze out the underground.

Over the years we have had the best of times. We definitely had the worst of times. We have had sell-out shows – we’ve had countless police raids. We’ve had people cry because they witnessed greatness – we have had people cry because their favourite song didn't get played. We wouldn’t change any of it. What’s life without a little heartbreak.

But as you are aware - these times they are changing. Hong Kong has become too expensive to be creative. We just can’t take risks on acts like we used to. We want to push boundaries, not stick within them. In order to do that for now we need to look abroad and take on a different format. It’s hard to say goodbye to something that we love so dearly. From the pure joy on peoples faces - to fans losing their mind on the dance floor. You made this possible. You made us persevere, when we thought what we were doing was a hopeless cause. From the bottom of our hearts we hope we served you well. We have enjoyed every minute.

Please join us in celebrating these wonderful memories with our good friend Breakbot (with support from Broadback) on Dec 22nd.

---------- Breakbot (FR) ----------

After the Baby I’m Yours EP and a few other similar projects, Breakbot released his debut album in 2012 on Ed Banger. By Your Side, a sun-filled soundtrack with cheeky writing, where the bass line and the guitar answered each other in a rhythmic lovefest.

Together, Breakbot and Irfane have presented By Your Side in all the big cities of the world on a tour that has lasted almost two years. This long meandering finally gave the two friends the idea to create a duo.

In 2016, the new Breakbot version “one plus one” will release a second album, Still Waters, a new assortment of southern sunrays, with swinging images of dancefloors filled with guys in flowing trousers and bare-shouldered young girls.

Unlike the previous album, this one is more of a matrix with intricate workmanship, carved out with the help of old analogue machines rather than softwares. Thirteen bouncy acts with Stevie Wonder and the Motown crowd in the background, spouts of funk and disco on a well-trodden dancefloor.

Crafty ideas whipped-up in a vintage outfit with techno vibes and futuristic accelerations creating a perfectly current soundtrack. Tomorrow’s retro that they will present all around France & Europe.

---------- Broadback (HK) ----------

James Woodward aka Broadback has been DJ’ing for 15 years after starting out on an East London pirate radio station. He has played in most of HK’s biggest clubs and has featured in HK’s biggest music festival, Clockenflap.

At the end of every chapter is the start of a new journey. We are delighted to annouce that from January 1st we will become part of Collective Minds Asia, which is a collaborative events & talent agency working with culture-pushers across diverse disciplines sharing the aim of gathering communities through mutual interests. Simply put, we're bringing more amazing events and acts to the region!