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featuring Meuko Meuko (TW), 食品まつりa.k.a foodman (JP)

w/ Supporting Act: Achun (MO)

Live set


Absurd Creation很高興能夠為分別來自台灣和日本的 Meuko Meuko 和 Foodman 舉辦他們巡演的香港站。

當 Meuko Meuko 令人目眩神迷的流行實驗與 Foodman 浮影交錯的日式Footwork 相互作用底下,會產生甚麼聲光火花?

「When Footwork Meets Pop.」


來自澳門的獨立電子熟悉面孔 Achun 將擔當開場嘉賓。


Absurd Creation is pleased to host the Hong Kong stop for Meuko Meuko w/ Foodman following their upcoming Taiwan Tour.

When the experimental pop side of Meuko Meuko coincide with the cluttered sonic from the footwork mindboggler Foodman, what kinds of perplexities should we expect from their live collaborations?

When Footwork Meets Pop.

Opening Supported by Macanese electronic music veteran Achun.


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Our page:                               https://www.facebook.com/Absurd-Creation-804168776339219/


Artist Profile(1):

Meuko Meuko,「閃閃閃閃」女主唱的另一個創作身份,從2007年起已經開始做一些可堪玩味的實驗性音樂。她擅於以小玩具和一些舊卡式帶取樣作即興創作,形成她的獨特風格,在亞洲indie scene裡已經頗受注意。在她成功在日本巡演過後,Meuko將會為香港帶來更新穎的音樂風格。

Meuko Meuko, the alter-ego under the skin of the front woman of The Shine & Shine & Shine & Shine, has already been making playful yet experimental music as early as 2007. Her unique improvised set comprised of flea market toys and old cassette samples has  earned her an alerting status in the Asia indie music scene. Having recently successfully  toured in Japan, Meuko is bringing her unmatched style in flying colours to the music fans of Hong Kong.


Artist Profile(2):


食品まつりa.k.a foodman

Foodman是日本實驗/ Footwork音樂的重要人物。經過於Orange Milk Records推出若干作品後,Foodman已經惹來世界各地樂迷的注意。此外,他跟台灣MC狸貓的合作,也受到Grimes的青睞,實為狸貓成功進軍國際的造王者之一。Foodman跟台灣的連結並未中斷,他最近跟Meuko Meuko的合作,再次施展神奇魔法,把兩種截然不同的音種揉合,帶領樂迷進入奇幻的聲音異境。

One of the figurehead of Japanese experimental/ footwork music, has already attracted world's attention with his consistent outputs on cult labels such as Orange Milk Records. His collaboration with MC Aristophanes in last year, which caught Grimes’ eye, fast tracked Aristophanes in breaking into the international music scene. But his Japan-Taiwan link doesn't end there yet, with his recent collaboration with Meuko Meuko, he is again ready to unleash his magic to meld two different music worlds into a mesmerising black hole.


Time:                                      7pm - 11pm, 24.04.16

Venue:                                    XXX

Ticketing:                               $150 Advance $200 at Door

Ticketing outlets:                 url: http://www.ticketflap.com/footworkmeetspop  

irl:  Zoo, White Noise, 談風 (available for sale from 08.04.16)