NYE 2019 ft Marina Perfileva & The Solution

Foxglove: Back to the '90s

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Where were you when Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ had teens’ heads banging in the clubs, or when TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ was played like an anthem on MTV? Were you ever ‘Too Sexy For Your Shirt’? Well we’ve got the ‘411’ on the ‘Flyest’ 90’s NYE Party in Hong Kong!

Foxglove’s 2019 NYE’s party will be a time machine with The Solution band (Duane Samuels on bass, Dr. Brian Flynn on keys, and Lloyd Yamid on drums, sponsored by Soul Tone Cymbals) playing live 90’s music all night long! Flying in from Thailand to head up the band is one of Asia’s hottest Serbian vocalist’s, Marina Perfileva. Known for her killer party performances, the academically trained dancer and vocalist, Marina, is a real treat for Hong Kong music lovers.



TIME/DATE: Tuesday 31 December from 7 pm onwards
DRESS CODE: your favourite decade (there will be prizes for best-dressed, so come prepared!)

1) 5-course Dinner with free-flow (7 pm - 2 am)
EARLY BIRD: HKD1500 per person
REGULAR: HKD1600 per person

2019 NYE Menu - Regular

前菜 Starters: 邂逅 The Encounter (香酥翡翠松葉蟹鉗拼豉油皇煎廣島蠔)
Deep Fried Snow Crab Claw & Pan Fried Hiroshima Oyster in Premium Soya Sauce
湯 Soup: 蛋白底田園亞拉斯加蟹肉羹 (甘筍, 鮮栗米)茸
Alaskan King Crab with Carrot & Sweetcorn Soup
主菜 Entrees: 鮑魚美國牛肋肉釀香梨 U.S. Short Ribs Stuffed Pear & Abalone OR 蜜汁銀鱈魚球 Honey Glazed Black Cod
主食 Rice: 臘味生炒糯米飯 Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage
甜品 Desserts:團團圓圓 拼 黃金脆奶卷 Glutinous Rice Balls
And Deep Fried Custard Milk Roll

2019 NYE Menu: Vegetarian

前菜 Starters: 酥炸鮮冬菇, 咕嚕一口新豬肉, 煙燻鮮准山, 川風紅油冷茄子
Deep Fried Chinese Mushrooms, Sweet & Sour OmniPork, Smoked Chinese Yam, Eggplant Salad with Szechuan Chili Oil

湯 Soup: 礦泉水松茸竹笙燉雙蓮 Double-boiled Broth with Almond Mushrooms, Bamboo Piths, Locust Honey Fruits & Lotus Seeds (using Acqua Panna Mineral Water)

主菜 Entrees: 新豬肉腐皮紫薯盒 Crispy Tofu Pocket with OmniPork & Sweet Potato
醬燒百靈菇拼竹笙露筍卷,香蔥鮮腐皮 Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms & Asparagus wrapped in bamboo Piths, Crispy Tofu Skin with Spring Onion
主食 Rice: 新牛崧炒飯 Beyond Beef Fried Rice
甜品 Desserts: 桃膠杞子糕 拼 黃金脆奶卷
Peach Resin & Goji Berry Jelly and Deep Fried Custard Milk Roll

2) Table with free-flow and 1 bottle of Ruinart champagne for 2 people to share (10 pm - 2 am)
EARLY BIRD: HKD1100 per person
REGULAR: HKD1200 per person
3) Standing with free-flow (10 pm - 2 am)
EARLY BIRD: HKD580 per person
REGULAR: HKD680 per person
*Free-flow includes: unlimited red/white wine, premium house spirits, beer.
* Ticketflap tickets are non-refundable (no exceptions).
* For tables above 6 pax for dinner please call Foxglove at +852 2116 8949 or email reservation@foxglovehk.com.
* Tickets for dinner/show/free-flow cannot be guaranteed seats in the main hangar and guests may be placed in the cabin room.
2/F, Printing House, 6 Duddell Street, Central
+852 2116 8949

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