French Miracle Tour - Clarens, Manceau & Juveniles

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The French Miracle Tour brings some of the most up-and-coming French bands to Hong Kong and Asia, and features the rich diversity found in contemporary French pop, rock and electro.

Drawing influences from American artists such as Blood Orange, Kindness or Clams Casino, Clarens’ music introduces a new kind of bedroom pop to the French electronic scene. His first two EPs «Trust» and «Pray» were released on Yuksek’s label, Partyfine, in 2014.

Despite being inuenced by Britpop icons, Manceau’s melodies have their own sound. Their colourful and elegant pop music, shaped by both erudition and irreverence, has echoed and been acclaimed overseas.

After a first EP released on Parisian label Kitsuné in 2011, Juveniles became a major indie band following the success of their pop-anthem We Are Young and the new-disco tune Fantasy. Consider here The Smiths, Hot Chip or Cut Copy as fantasized godfathers.

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