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*Student tickets discount applies only to: hold a valid student ID card of Hong Kong full-time students (of any age).

children under twelve years of age who can Admission is free accompanied by adults.



Organized by HITCHHIKE, the Full Moon Festival will be held at The Pulse during the three day holidays, from 26th to 28th of September.   Not only will we have various very exotic music programs, there are also delicious food, art & crafts workshop, barber shop, flea market, & etc...


So, come and join in! Let's hang out together, enjoying a special Full Moon Festival celebration at the beautiful beaches of the Repulse Bay.




陳奐仁 Hanjin TanSupper Moment

李拾壹 SubyubSensi Lion *陳蕾 Panther ChanHeyo & Doughboy*新青年理髮廳 New Youth Barber ShopNI.NE.MO*小紅帽 SilHungMoNowhere boys*嘿唷*merry lamb lambZOOOOOM

Wild $tyleJay.L & Kada.CPopguyz

DJ JFungDJ Johnnie Darkaand more..!!