Game On Blooming Global Gaming Trends Exhibition and Festival

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Every generation has different trends: the flared trousers in 70s, the Walkman portable cassette player in 80s and the palm phone in 90s. Videogames however have gone beyond a trend and become part of our culture, discovered anew by each generation.

This summer, the art and culture community in Shenzhen-OCT Harbour——OCT Creative Exhibition Center, will host the world’s first ‘videogame museum’, Game On.

From August 17th, ‘Street Fighter’, ‘Space Invaders’, ‘Super Mario’, and many other well remember games will be bought together for the first time in China. Shenzhen Blooming Cultural Creation Investment Co., Ltd. (Blooming Investment) In collaboration with the Barbican Centre will be bringing the enhanced ‘Game On Blooming’ exhibition to the Shenzhen Design Centre. This exciting traveling exhibition features over 150 playable games, From the first simple black and white games of the 1960s to today’s immersive Virtual Reality experiences. Game On is a journey through the past and the future of gaming. Suitable for all ages, and gamers and non-gamers, the exhibition also includes design documents and concept art from some of the world’s most iconic franchises, Grand Theft Auto, the Sims, and Tomb Raider.

Game On has toured all over the world since 2003, visited by more than 3.5 million people in more than 30 world cities worldwide.


Game On is curated and toured by Barbican International Enterprises. The Barbican Centre is owned and principally funded by the City of London Corporation.

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Shenzhen Blooming Cultural Creative Investment Co.,Ltd.