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Come celebrate Pride Month, the US election, and Comedy.HK‘s long-awaited return to the Aftermath Bar with an all-star comedy showcase featuring the best LGBTQ+ American comedians in Hong Kong!
Seth Waters combines frenetic stage craft with whip-smart writing to deliver a one-of-a-kind performance that's entirely unique in the Asian comedy scene. He recently won the third annual Hong Kong Laugh Festival BUSHIROAST Roast Battle tournament, as well as the Stand-Up Banker Comedy Competition at TakeOut Comedy Club. Talking about topics ranging from life as a 6'5" gweilo living in Hong Kong and being a gay millennial to politics and food, Seth is sure to leave an impression. Catch this rising star while you can!
“A natural! Very likeable, very funny and a future star!” - Jami Gong
Dannie Higginbotham is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota but has spent the last six years living in Ecuador, South Korea and Hong Kong. She has won multiple international comedy competitions, performed comedy across Asia, and appeared on numerous movies and TV shows including You Can't Sit With Us and I Need You To Kill: A Film By J. Elvis Weinstein.

Rose Rage has been doing comedy in Hong Kong since what seems like the beginning of time, but is actually only 13 years or so, mostly in pants. She’s a founding member of People’s Liberation Improv, and has performed with them in Beijing, Seoul, Manila, Macau, and Hong Kong, in pants. Although she never won, she was a finalist in TakeOut Comedy’s Funniest Person competition and has opened for Paul Ogata and Tom Cotter, in pants. Recently she decided to shake things up a bit and do standup without pants, but the horrified reaction of the audience led her to believe that performing in a dress would be…better. She hasn’t actually been on TV, but has watched more than nine programmes, both with and without pants.