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The Complete Brain Makeover

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Open your Life to Wealth


Wealth Creation by Applied Quantum Physics

Like a SPA, Sit Relax and have your Cognitive Dissonance Removed


Host: Dr. G. Rex Kruhly


It has been said, 

“if you change your brain, you change your life”, 

That is a scientific fact.


THE GENESIS EVENT is the single most powerful application of Applied Quantum Physics ever conceived, to do just that! 


This coming October 2021, hundreds of people from around the world will join the event with Dr. G. and form a massive single cloud of consciousness with a Specific Purpose:

“the Creation of Tremendous Wealth

and the Removal of anything and everything that stands in the way. At least 70% of the problem is Subconscious Cognitive Dissonance which must be erased. 

Read more about Cognitive Dissonance here:


"The key to your Wealth Creation and Future Growth is to remove Cognitive Dissonance."

The GENESIS Experience

GENESIS is massively powerful. It produces immediate results that continue well into the future.

The GENESIS Experience is similar to a Spa, it is a treatment you receive rather than a method to be learned and applied by one’s efforts.

GENESIS removes Cognitive Dissonance, which is the key to you and your business’s Wealth Creation.

GENESIS is a highly refined application of Quantum Physics to Large Morphic Fields. Based on solid peer-reviewed Quantum Science. A proven Technology with over 11 years of robust clinical results across all cases spanning from health concerns like Chronic Diseases to lifestyle change and Business Success.

GENESIS uses constructive and destructive interference waves to alter all participants’ subconscious & unconscious programs through Quantum Entanglement.

GENESIS is a tri-layered Quantum technology including Divine Source Support through collective Deeksha Blessings.

GENESIS will remove faulty perceptions, beliefs, and programming. With these removed “Wealth, Success, and all areas of your Life will flow freely with Grace. Perceptions will change and Karmic Destiny’s will be adjusted. For many, entire life trajectories will be altered. GENESIS Produces Results.

It’s THE GAME CHANGER you asked for, don’t miss it. See you at GENESIS, October 2021. Contact now, and begin preparations for Real Wealth Creation.

“Wealth, Success, and all areas of your Life will flow freely with Grace. 

 Perceptions will change and Karmic Destiny’s will be adjusted. 

 For many, entire life trajectories will be altered.”


 GENESIS includes 

  • 10 major treatment sessions
  • 13 Powerful Deeksha Blessing (Diksha).
  • 30-36 hours, spanning 10 days over a 9 week period.


Additionally, all participants will be trained in:


  • High-Performance Skill Programming
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Self-Healing


Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

A licensed DC and International Distance Healer. He founded a Quantum Technology combining Cutting Edge Science with Divine Source Support.

He calls it Depth Healing, and with it, all subconscious and unconscious blocks, fears, and disempowering programming will be removed for the entire group at the same time.

Results are both immediate and continue well into the future.

Read more about: Dr. G Rex Kruhly here

And Depth Healing here


Who is ‘The GENESIS Event’ for?

GENESIS is for ANYONE who feels blocked in their Life, Business, or Career.

GENESIS is for people of all levels in all industries, including entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and mastermind groups.

Whether you own or work for a start-up or a fortune 500 company;

Whether you are struggling or thriving;

The key to your Wealth Creation and Future Growth is to remove Cognitive Dissonance.

GENESIS will remove it.



October 2nd, October 3rd & October 9th

Each Session, Duration is 5 hours and begins at 5pm PST.

Continues each Saturday for 7 weeks, October 16th, 23th & 30th and November 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th.

Each Follow-up Session, Duration is 2-3 hours and begins at 5pm PST. 

Total Duration, 30-36 hours, spans 10 days over a 9 week period.

Timezone: Starting 5pm PST (Midnight UTC, 7am Bangkok, 8am Singapore) convert to your timezone here


What makes GENESIS different from all other Collective Meditation Events?

GENESIS does NOT require you to attend Event after Event or Seminar after Seminar, it is Immediately effective.

GENESIS is NOT a process requiring ‘time and effort’ and is NOT knowledge, data, a skill, or a method to be learned or mastered.

GENESIS does NOT require dedicated persistence over time, learning detailed kinds of meditations, breathing exercises, or visualization methods.

GENESIS is NOT a meditation method, mental discipline, brain reprogramming, hypnosis, NLP, reiki, breathwork, chi-gong, or physic visions.

GENESIS Never uses plant medicines, psychedelics, drugs, or chemicals.

GENESIS is Unlike other energy psychologies i.e. Psych-K or ETF.

GENESIS has NO connection to ETs, Aucturians, or any Galactic Organization and has Nothing to do with Ascension or the 5th Dimension.


Refund Terms:

  • A refund can be requested by the customer 14 days before the event start day, the refundable amount will be ticket value minus 20% 
  • If Host cancels the event, the refundable amount will be ticket value minus 5.5% handling charge + USD$2 service charge