2017 GFI HKFC 10s

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The 32nd edition of the GFI HKFC 10s will be held on April 5-6 (Wed-Thu) at the Hong Kong Football Club, where 16 teams featuring former internationals, Sevens stars and other top pro players will compete for the Bill Burgess Cup.

The 2017 GFI HKFC 10s sits at the heart of Hong Kong's Rugby Week, leading into the world-famous Hong Kong Sevens. Open to the public, Thursday night’s After Party at HKFC brings together players, fans, live music, entertainment and free-flow beer and wine.

First Match:
Wednesday 5th April, 2017:
Thursday 6th April, 2017:
After Party 6th April, 2017: 20:30

Final Match:
Wednesday 5th April, 2017:
Thursday 6th April, 2017:
After Party 6th April, 2017: 23:00


Website: www.hongkongtens.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HKFC10s

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFIHKFC10s

Instagram: www.instagram.com/gfihkfc10s

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/hkfc10s