The Gloomy Island Blues Festival X Touchwoods – The Gloomy Island Blues Festival 2019

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【 Gloomy Island Blues Festival X Touchwoods – The Gloomy Island Blues Festival 2019 】

The countryside was the birthplace of blues and all kinds of folk music. Black slaves used to ease their deep sorrows by humming blues and gospel tunes in the fields, lonely traveler sings his/her folk song by the campfire at night to cope with his/her solitude. Unspeakable sadness, a raw scenery of the countryside are parts of the backbone of blues and folk music.

Bringing you the same wild spirit, we’re proudly presenting “The Gloomy Island Blues Festival 2019” with our partner “Touchwoods”! The 2 days 1 night outdoor festival will bring you marvellous blues and folk music with handcraft workshops, blues dance classes and many more. With fine live music and starry sky, we look forward to spending a beautiful night with you!

We will also put up workshops, from making handcrafts, blues dance classes to a music tour, and much more, enriching the contents of this year’s blues festival.

Music lineup includes:
- The HK blues legend Tommy Chung
- The energetic power trio DJ Star
- The soulful Sonia Raphael
- The bluesman with the Delta touch Ray Stark
- The freaky, folky, and bluesy Evan Binkley & his group The Hoy
- Local country, folk and indie rock singer-songwriter Tomii Chan
- The know-it-all bluesman Ram Cheung, the harmonica virtuoso Angus Tang and the slide guitar expert Isaac So

Date: 30/11 to 1/12
Venue: Green Lohas (located next to the Kam Sheung Road MTR
station. 3 mins of walk from exit C.)

Concert Pass (Advance): $290
To watch four bands in a night concert!

Concert + Camping Pass (Advance): $420
A night concert, a camping space, workshops, and a morning concert on 1/12.

(Camps not included for “Concert + Camping Pass”. Buyers can rent camps with a discounted price (15% off) on with our promotional code “bluesfest2019”. Cargos to be picked up at the venue on the event date.)


【 The Gloomy Island Blues Festival X Touchwoods - 慘島藍調節 2019 】




.香港藍調殿堂級人物Tommy Chung
.強勁的藍調搖滾三重奏DJ Star
.擁有豐富靈魂與藍調底蘊的歌手Sonia Raphael
.富有三角洲藍調影響的藍調人Roy Stark
.帶點怪誕又富有藍調特色的民謠音樂人Evan Binkley及他的組合The Hoy Tune
.鄉謠/藍調/獨立音樂唱作人Tomii Chan
.精通多種藍調風格的Ram Cheung、口琴手Angus Tang以及滑弦結他專家Isaac So

日期:30/11 至 1/12


(「音樂會+露營預售套票」不連帳篷。買家可以憑優惠碼「bluesfest2019」於 以85折租訂帳篷。活動當天於會場取貨。)