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Grieving is about healing and growing. We cannot move forward in life, before we have grieved well. The secret of a good start is the saying goodbye of the previous chapter. Mourning is not only about death, it is also about getting married, moving house, buying a new car or going to a new country. We can also have an area in our lives where grieving does not come to an end, in fact, it is continuous and it may feel that today is even worse than five years ago. Peace, content, sadness, joy, laughter and tears are all part of a beautiful, meaningful and spiritual Letting-go basket.

Revr. Dina Chamberlain is a psychologist and ordained minister of religion. She is the head of the counselling department for HCC Global Ltd. She founded Chamberlain Counselling in 2009, but decided to join forces with her husband Henry, also a psychologist, in April 2017. Dina studied and trained in South Africa. She worked for 15 years in the Medical Forces of the South African National Defence Force as a Hospital Chaplain before moving to Hong Kong in 2006. Her fields of expertise include Grief Work, Chronic Illness and Disability, Life Transitions and Spirituality.