Underground Heavy 10

Howler, Shepherds the Weak & Smegma Riot

Event Closed

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They call it noise, we say it's raw awesome musical energy. We know you're there, metalheads, and just for you rocking souls out there, we've put together yet another of our infamous Heavy events! Heavy #10, the first guitar-shredding, pit-moshing show of the year, will be a celebration of The Underground's 10th anniversary. First up is Howler, and, well, the name says it all. Howler firmly believes in unleashing all your built-up angst through music, so we can expect some angry tunes from them. Next is Shepherd The Weak, a true 'heavyweight' in the Hong Kong metal scene, having been around making noise for 12 years and garnering thousands of local and overseas fans. To finish off the evening: Smegma Riot (ever wonder what you get if you stick a bunch of Italian punks in the mainland and let them go slowly mad over a few years? Smegma Riot is the answer). Their music is, according to them, 'a punch in the stomach…100% militant punk-rock with tomato sauce'!

Join us on 12th April at The Live House for a night of headbanging!