HER Fund Charity Screening “A Woman is A Woman”

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Sexually marginalized communities experience tremendous discrimination. By and large, transgender in particular get abandoned by their family members just for their desire to redefine their identity. To respond to the severity of these issues, HER Fund is organizing the “A Woman is a Woman” Charity Screening in order to enrich the public’s knowledge about transgender women (hereafter “transwomen”) and combat discrimination against them.


All proceeds will support the Fund’s work on grant making and capacity building to increase the quality of life and social status of Hong Kong’s women and also promote gender equality.


Without HER Fund’s grantee partner - Association of World Citizens Hong Kong China , the film will not exist! The organization raised all the funds for the film and has been the sole body responsible for its filming and production. The casts and production team comprise transgender and people who support transgender’s rights. Based on true stories, the film presents the lives of transwomen on the silver screen. The public will be able to understand the challenges facing the transwomen and their hard work in their journey of struggling for social recognition.


About the film: https://bit.ly/2M6MlDp

About the Screening: https://bit.ly/2No4stf


Ticket Collection

- By Post (Local surface mail, only for donation before 21/10)

- Collect ticket at Screening reception (30mins before the screening starts)


There are two pre-campaigns for you to have deeper understanding on life story of transwomen. Please visit our website for details.

  1. "Transwomen:The Becoming of" Transgender Women Simulation Experience: https://bit.ly/2oMLpL3
  2. "A Transwoman is a Woman”: Her Real Woman Sharing: https://bit.ly/2M8Pu5u