Hermitude presented by Collective Minds x Mudita

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One of Australia's widely-known dance exports, Hermitude bring hefty sub-frequencies and unashamed pop hooks to Hong Kong!

--- DETAILS ---

Date - 28, August 2019
Time - 10pm
Location - Mudita

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Early Birds - $150 w/ a drink
Advance - $250 w/ a drink

*This is an 18+ event
*Pre-Sale tickets to go on sale Monday, August 5 * Public tickets go on sale Tuesday, August 6


Since the early 2000s Elgusto and Luke Dubs have been exploring the wide sonic territory formed by their influences, both individually and as a group. Their chemistry in the studio is undeniable, and backed by a friendship that has seen the duo experience some incredible moments on stage and behind the scenes. Hermitude have remained one of Australia’s most endearing and popular acts.

Signing with Elefant Traks in 2002, Hermitude quickly created a strong platform to express their individuality, and their relationship with the label continues to this day. From their debut album Alleys to Valleys, through to the flourished sounds explored on the follow up Tales of the Drift, and then of course the musical richness of Threads, those early chapters of Hermitude’s career saw a quick and fiercely loyal fanbase form, while the Hermitude name and reputation generated industry acclaim.

And that was just the beginning. The now beloved Flume remix of title track ‘HyperParadise’ propelled Hermitude onto more music radars, while the song went on to enjoy ARIA Platinum success. Signing with Nettwerk Records in 2015 saw Hermitude introduced to international crowds, touring the US and reaping successes at notable festivals including SXSW, Governor’s Ball and Lollapalooza.

Their reputation for producing an electrifying live show and stand out collaborations was eagerly adopted by international markets, whilst at home Hermitude’s Australian fans were hungry for their
next hit.

It came with 2015’s Dark Night Sweet Light—the duo’s most comprehensive and accomplished effort to date. Spawning the likes of ‘Ukiyo’, ‘Through the Roof’ and the Platinum smash hit, ‘The Buzz’, Dark Night Sweet Light earned Hermitude their first Australian #1 album and also earned positive reviews upon its international release later that year.

Now, three years on, Elgusto and Dubs have emerged from the lab with something new. Something revitalised and fierce. The trust their fans have put in them to deliver new music that keeps that same energy has well been worth the wait.

‘Stupid World’ is the powerful new single from Hermitude, a response to the craziness seeping into our every day. A fiery addition to their body of work, ‘Stupid World’ sees songwriter and vocalist Bibi Bourelly—whose writing credits include Rihanna, Usher and Mariah Carey—come into the Hermitude fold, laying down some incredible notes on the track.