HHMM feat. Shinichi Ubukata 1st Night

HKT: 02.01 (Mon) Open: 19:45 Start: 20:00 ⇨ 02.08 (Mon)

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After working at ART-SCHOOL and ZAZEN BOYS, Hidekazu Hinata is one of Japan's leading charismatic bassist who is currently active in Straightener, Nothing ’s Carved In Stone.
Masanao Matsushita, the leader of Yasei Collective, a band that fuses cutting-edge electro, jazz, and rock on drums.
The Osaka performance at HHMM, which is becoming an annual event, will be held at Kelly's for four consecutive days.
On the first and second nights, the leader and guitarist of Nothing's Carved In Stone, Japan's leading rock band ELLEGARDEN, which has overwhelming charisma and continues to fascinate the audience with its unique tone and presence. Shinichi Ubukata participates again!
The groove-filled, unpredictable and miraculous session keeps an eye on for a moment.

Hidekazu Hinata (B) from STRAIGHTENER, Nothing ’s Carved In Stone
Masanao Matsushita (D) from Yasei Collective
Shinichi Ubukata (G) from ELLEGARDEN, Nothing ’s Carved In Stone

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