The Hong Kong French Theater Festival - 3rd Edition

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Le jeu de l'amour et du hasard (The Game of Love and Chance)
March 7 (8PM)@Sheung Wan Civic Center Theater

Politiquement Correct (Politically Correct)
March 8 (8PM)@Sheung Wan Civic Center Theater

Oscar et la dame Rose (Oscar and the Lady in Pink)
March 9 (8PM)@French International School's Auditorium

Dans la peau de Cyrano (In Cyrano's Shoes)
March 10 (3PM)@French International School's Auditorium

Le bois dont je suis fait (What I Am Made Of)
March 10 (8PM)@French International School's Auditorium



Doors will open at 7pm for the evening performances and 2pm for the afternoon performance. Food and drinks will be available before and after the performances.


Closing Party:
March 10 (11PM) @Campfire

Come and join us to celebrate the end of this 3rd edition with the actors, organizers and friends of the Hong Kong French Theater Festival! Open bar and music all night!


Detail Address:
Sheung Wan Civic Center
5/F Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

French International School’s Auditorium
34 Price Road, Jardine’s Lookout, Hong Kong

Remex Center, 5/F, 42 Wong Chuck Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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Doors will open at 7pm for the evening performances and 2pm for the afternoon performance. Food and drinks will be available before and after the performances.

Le jeu de l'amour et du hasard (The Game of Love and Chance) de Marivaux

Silvia has every reason to be worried: her father has decided to marry her off to a perfect stranger. Before this gentleman's arrival, she asks her father, Mr Orgon, permission to dress up as her maid, Lisette, in order to see right through the personality of her suitor. From then on, twists and turns will succeed in a fast pace until love triumphs. "It is an adventure that shall most certainly entertain us" - Mario (Act 1, scene 3)

1h30 - Adults and teenagers

Politiquement Correct (Politically Correct) de Salome Lelouch
23rd of April 2017. Thunderclap for some: The far-right party made it to the second round of the presidential election. Love at first sight for others: Mado and Alexandre met just one hour before the results. They talked about everything but politics. Mado has always voted for the left-wing party. She doesn't know she just fell in love with an activist of the far-right party...

1h30 - Adults and teenagers

Oscar et la dame Rose (Oscar and the Lady in Pink) d'Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
"Dear God, My name is Oscar, I am 10 years old, I lit the cat, the dog, and the house on fire (I think I even grilled the goldfish) and this is the first letter I am sending you, because until now, I didn't have time".
Oscar is 10 years old and is living in the children's hospital. His encounter with Granny-Rose, ex-wrestler and volunteer, will brighten his fate. She suggests he writes to God and acts, from now on, as if each day counted for ten years... The result is a unique friendship between Oscar and the lady in pink. This bond will change both their lives far beyond their imagination.

1h20 - Suitable for ages 10+

Dans la peau de Cyrano (In Cyrano's Shoes) de Nicolas Devort
Colin is just starting middle school. It's not easy to evolve from childhood to the big kids' world, especially when you are "different". The road is full of obstacles. However, a decisive encounter with his drama teacher, a kindly father figure, will lead him to a new rise, a rebirth.

1h - Suitable for ages 8+

Le bois dont je suis fait (What I Am Made Of) de Julien Cigana et Nicolas Devort
On Easter Sunday, the Lachassette family gathers around Mireille, the sick mother. They toast to the reunion! Absolutely! But caught between paternalism, obliviousness, and the desire to emancipate, is it possible to get along and show respect for the pretty family setting when the dance of bitterness is put in place? What can our true identity be within our own family? And how to assert our own uniqueness without hurting the others? We pretend to be happy and things are being said tacitly in order not to wake up the sleeping volcano...

1h30 - Adults and teenagers