Hong Komedy Guerrilla (HKG): My Degeneration

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Unconventional comedy is back with the second installment of the Hong Komedy Guerrilla Story Telling Show. Eight comedic odd-balls will tell real, never heard before stories revolving around a set theme: "My Degeneration." Friends, family, decisions, pets, that guy who still thinks it's cool to pop his collar for the purpose of shielding his neck from sunburn but is still committing a fashion foul nonetheless; we all have "that degenerate" in our life.

The material is GUARANTEED to be fresh. Yes, none of this material has ever been performed, muttered or spoken out loud at any regular showcase in Hong Kong. Ever.

Tickets are $100 advance (TicketFlap), $120 at the door. One drink included with ticket price. Come hang out!