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Join five local podcasters LIVE as they take to the stage and reveal a little bit of the magic that goes into recording a podcast!


Thursday’s line-up:

#Impact with host Regina Larko and guestsOscar Valles and Aggie Lam

Across the Pond with hosts Chris Ivany and Paul Maclean and guestGreg Smyth

In the Changing Room with host Cissy Radford and guestLyndsey Gormley

Hong Kong Life with host Sky Siu and guest Juhi Gangaramani

Ho Ho Hong Kong with hosts Vivek Mahbubani and Andy Curtain


Friday’s line-up:

Hong Kong Stories with host Rachel Smith and guest Gina Raphael

Over 40 Wellness with host Vincent Hiscox and guestKeon Lee

Interested with host Dona Eder and guestCaroline Rhodes

Sustainable Asia with host Marcy Trent Long and guest Yuen-ying Chan

Better in Bed with host Sara Tang and guest


The podcast scene in Hong Kong has grown in leaps and bounds since the first live podcast show in 2018.  This year, two different shows feature five podcasts per night.  Come and see your favourite English-language podcasters in “LIVE!”